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Amani Communities Africa. (ACA)

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Focus areas: 

inner peace, wellness, mediation, conciliation, reconciliation and peacebuilding


We are a Non-Governmental Organization founded in 2001 under the Kenya NGO Coordination Act, No. 19 of 1990, Laws of Kenya, by a group of lawyers with a quest for a culture of peace and justice in society. We exist to equip individuals, organizations and communities to shift from adversarial and destructive to constructive and cooperative methods of conflict resolution. These include processes such as constructive conversations, mediation, reconciliation, trust building, peace building, and peace education.

Our programs are three-pronged based, rooted in our philosophy of peace inside-out:
(i) Our intra-peace programs focus on inner peace, to prepare peace practitioners to first work on and ground themselves in their inner peace
(ii) Our inter-peace programs equip peace practitioners to help people resolve interpersonal conflicts and build a shared future
(iii) Our community peace programs reach out to entire groups, communities & organizations to create a culture of peace and build lasting peace & sustainable organizations and societies.

Our main methodologies of intervention include guided conversations, peace education, training, seminars & retreats, coaching & mentorship. We offer in-house tailored programs to meet the specific needs of our clients and organized programs which we invite individuals, companies and groups to apply and join.
We work with religious, judicial and educational institutions, national & local governments, professionals and corporate entities and our widespread networks and partners at the local, regional and global levels.

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