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Role: Marketing Manager

Organization: Platinum Sacco

Country of Operation: Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda

Past Projects: Annual CSR, Football team Sponsorship

amount Invested: Undisclosed

Areas of interest: Education, sports,

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Platinum Sacco

Organization type : Limited Liability Company

Founded: 1987

Sector: Financial Services

Physical Address: MQVX+4WP, Mombasa


When Wananchi Sacco started in 1992 the members were only tea growers in Nyeri but due to changes in environment and growth challenges together with the members’ needs, Wananchi Sacco expanded to other sectors like dairy, women activities, youth and other off farm business entrepreneurial services. Competition, technological changes and availability of information have made us undertake strategic steps to ensure that we remain relevant to the community we are serving. Furthermore the areas of our operation have since 2007 changed to the whole republic of Kenya so as to serve all Kenyans with our peculiar member based financial services. We are therefore authorized to operate in the whole republic of Kenya. Wananchi Sacco draws its membership and members from the Small-scales farmers and micro-entrepreneurs who contribute savings in form of Shares and Deposits as well as the Front-Office Services. Through the Savings, the members are able to access credit facilities and other available services conveniently and cheaply.

Listed Projects

Mtongwe Youth FC

Amount Invested: $90,000

Malo Children's Home

Amount Invested: Undisclosed

Platinum Sacco is Mtongwe FC current team sponsor at KSH. 3M per season. 

Funds go towards the team's technical bench salaries, providing team gear, and maintaining team training facilities.

Early 2022, Platinum Sacco committed funds to build a new dormitory and refurbish the kitchen at Malo Children's Home. 

Playing Soccer

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